Blinding The Masses
Osmose Productions

1. Into the Dunes (1:05)
2. Valley of the Sandwalkers (4:00)
3. Ankh (4:58)
4. Leaders of Agony (5:29)
5. Blinding the Masses (6:19)
6. Eye for Sanity (5:09)
7. Devourer of the Unjustified (5:36)
8. War to End (5:33)
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Thanks to every fan who ever supported Scarab through the past 8 years, you have rewarded us and welcomed our music. Thank you for buying our albums and attending our live performances. More will come from Scarab in the next year, and the energy is still flowing as we are currently working on our third album that would end the papyrus trilogy which began with “Blinding the Masses”. Stay tuned via our Facebook page for updates, we’ll have a new website online very soon.